Overview of Year One – (Beginner Piano Units 1-6)

This entire Year One Beginner Piano Course is free to watch!

… a free complete beginner piano course designed by a professional teacher!


Sample the videos from Year 1. Below, find brief descriptions and links to each unit.

Press play to start the video, then navigate through by clicking the arrows in the video player controls.

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  • Unit 1 is Videos 1-16 (This unit is an introduction to reading music and basic beginner piano playing technique) – go to Unit 1
  • Unit 2 is Videos 17-32(Unit 2 works on becoming comfortable with playing technique, and learning more notes – you’ll learn to play Ode to Joy hands together!) – go to Unit 2
  • Unit 3 is Video 32-48 (In Unit 3, you’ll explore playing piano hands together, new time signatures, focusing on reading intervallicaly.) – go to Unit 3
  • Unit 4 is Videos 49- 64 (Unit 4 is worked entirely hands together, and incorporates new rhythms, and introduces chords and major scales)go to Unit 4
  • Unit 5 is Videos 64-80 (This unit is optional – but very fun! – it is an introduction to playing with chords and lead sheets, and is also known as Piano Chording I) – go to Unit 5
  • Unit 6 begins with Video 81 (In unit 6 you’ll learn more than just arranged piano classics, you’ll explore the theory behind the music and also learning the scales and chords used for these pieces, and give a try improvising in these keys! A complete learning experience!) – go to Unit 6

What next?

When you’re done with the beginner piano lessons, you can move on to Unit 7 – Chording 2, or Unit 8 – Grade 1 Etudes and Technique. And watch for more to come!