Year 1 Overview – Piano Lessons for Beginners

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YEAR 1 is a comprehensive FREE beginner piano video course for adult or adolescent students who are just beginning to learn to play piano!


  • Learn how to play piano while learning to read notes on the staff.
  • Every video piano lesson is paced perfectly to offer the opportunity for success without being overwhelming.
  • All of the video piano lessons on the website can be used free of charge.
  • Printable ebooks can be purchased and downloaded for instant use, using the links below.  –Watch the free lessons, use the books once you’ve found the level that works for you!
  • Start at the very beginning, or jump in where you feel comfortable. No lesson fees!


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Year 1- Unit 5 Piano Chording

Learn the basics of chord style for piano. This intro to piano chording is great if you already can read music a little bit!

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Year 1 – Unit 4

Add to your rhythm and technical skills, study pieces of classic piano repertoire, learn to play from a lead sheet using chord harmony, and learn to play major scales!

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Year 1 – Unit 3

In this 16-lesson unit you'll be learning some folks songs and some classics including melodies by Mozart and Grieg! And how to use intervals to read finger patterns. Plus, we'll get our fingers running with Hanon drills!

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Year 1 – Unit 2 Free Adult Beginner Piano Lessons

This unit contains 16 lesson covering musical concepts (theory,) exercises to develop your dexterity (technique), exercises in musical listening skills (ear training), tips for better music reading (sight reading skills,) and short pieces of music (repertoire) to reinforce your learning!

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Free Beginner Piano Lessons: Year1-Unit1

Beginners can learn to play piano while also learning to read music! YEAR 1 Comprehensive Beginner Lessons.

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But, if you would like to use the printable materials that accompany each unit, you can purchase the ebooks individually, below.  Or, get the Unit 1-5 Bundle here [80 lessons, 124 pages, 43MB]

Year 1: Unit 1-5 eBook Bundle

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The Unit Index can be found in the chart below.

Unit 1:
Year 1 - Unit 1 Beginner Piano Lessons
1-1 The Staff
1-2 Treble Clef Landmarks
1-3 Rhythm Lesson 1
1-4 Finger Gym #1
1-5 Bass Clef Landmarks
1-6 Treble G Neighbors F and A
1-7 Two Practice Pieces
1-8 Finger Gym #2
1-9 Bass F Neighbors E and G
1-10 Sight Reading
1-11 Two Practice Pieces
1-12 Finger Gym #3
1-13 Time and Measures
1-14 Practice Piece
1-15 Ear Training Up/Down
1-16 Finger Gym #4
Unit 1 EBook:
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Unit 2:
2-1 Treble Clef D and E
2-2 Playing loud and soft
2-3 Sight Reading/Rhythm Echo
2-4 Finger Gym #5 HT!
2-5 Bass Clef A and B
2-6 Moving by Skips
2-7 Hands Together
2-8 Contrary Motion
2-9 Landmarks: Mirror C's
2-10 C's in Space
2-11 Ode to Joy
2-12 C Major Pentascale
2-13 Bass Clef D and Treble B
2-14 Windchimes
2-15 Ear Training - which melody?
2-16 Finger Gym
Unit 2 EBook:
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Unit 3:
3-1Dotted Half Note
3-2 Intervallic Thinking
3-3 Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
3-4 Hanon
3-5 Fourths
3-6 Melody Patterns
3-7 Mezzo forte
3-8 Hanon
3-9 Fifths
3-10 Sharps
3-11 Staccato
3-12 Hanon
3-13 Sight Reading
3-14 Slurs/Legato
3-15 8va
3-16 Hanon
Unit 3 EBook:
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Unit 4:
4-1 Eighth notes
4-2 Grand Staff Notes
4-3 Primary Chords in C Major
4-4 D Major
4-5 Mezzoforte
4-6 Transposing I
4-7 Interval Review
4-8 Transposing II
4-9 Amazing Grace
4-10 Chord Inversions
4-11 Happy Birthday
4-12 Chord Drill
4-13 Andantino by Kohler
4-14 Melody Writing
4-15 Building Major Scales
4-16 Playing Major Scales
Unit 4 EBook:
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Unit 5:
5-1 All the Major Chords
5-2 Lead Sheets: Alphabet Song
5-3 All the Minor Chords
5-4 Major/Minor - Blow Man Down
5-5 Diatonic Chords in C
5-6 Danny Boy
5-7 Oom Pa Pa - Morning Broken
5-8 [1-5-8 Pattern] Skye Boat Song
5-9 Minor:All the Pretty Horses
5-10 Chord Progressions
5-11 Pachelbel Canon in D
5-12 Arpeggios
5-13 Inversions - Early 1 Morning
5-14 Music Box Pattern
5-15 Intros - Happy Birthday
5-16 Chord Strumming - Hallelujah
Unit 5 EBook:
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Unit 6:
6-1 Key Signatures
6-2 Brahms Lullaby
6-3 Dotted Quarter Note
6-4 Key of B Flat Major
6-5 From the New World
6-6 Ledger Lines
6-7 Key of A Minor
6-8 March Slav
6-9 Ties
6-10 Key of E Minor
6-11 Moonlight Sonata
6-12 Sixteenth Notes
6-13 Key of D Major
6-14 Pachelbel Canon
6-15 Three Eight Time
6-16 Fur Elise
Unit 6 EBook:
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