Virtual Piano Studio

Join Lisa in her Virtual Piano Studio!

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Working on your own is awesome, but it’s nice to have a teacher’s help as you learn.

In the Virtual Piano Studio you will get direct help from Lisa on the videos you post, while also learning at your own rate. (No need to ‘keep up’ or ‘wait’ for a class.)

Join the private Facebook group and gain direct access to Lisa where you can ask questions, post videos, and get answers and feedback.

This is NOT a course. It is a mentorship community, you will study your choice of materials, or get some input from Lisa.

In this group:

  • Lisa will offer guidance and tips for making the most of your piano studies.
  • You can upload videos of your practice and receive coaching on your exact needs!
  • Engage with a wonderful community of online learners who share your experience.
  • Lisa will provide inspiration and feedback and you will do the practicing.
  • Work at your own pace using the Piano Video Lessons pre-recorded curriculum (or other resources) and ask questions or get guidance from Lisa as you learn.
  • Participate in challenges and quests.

This is perfect for students who are doing self-study but would like to have some coaching and feedback from Lisa along the way, or need a little bit of motivation and accountability.

*Subscription fee includes membership in Lisa’s private coaching / mentorship group, it does not include a curriculum or learning materials.