How to play Victoria’s Secret by JAX – Piano Tutorial and Sheet Music

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Victoria’s Secret by Jax is the viral quintessential song of Summer 2022, and everyone wants to learn how to play it on piano!

Don’t have this song stuck in your head yet? Well you will soon!

Watch Jax’s original:

Victoria’s Secret, by JAX

I have been humming this song all day, and when I wake up in the morning it’s literally playing in my head on repeat, so I decided I better make a tutorial so you could all enjoy playing it on the piano as much as I do.

My tutorial is in the same key as the original, so you’ll be able to play along with JAX as you learn to play it. Super fun, right?

I just love JAX!!

Victoria’s Secret by Jax – piano tutorial

Victoria’s Secret by JAX – piano tutorial – original key

Print the Sheet Music for Victoria’s Secret, by Jax

Victoria’s Secret by Jax – Sheet Music – Original Key

Don’t like so many sharps, try this version in G Major: Victoria’s Secret by Jax – Beginner

Print the notes from the video tutorial: PDF download

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