UNIT 2 [Year 1 PianoVideoLessons] (16 lessons) PDF, 21pp

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This ebook is for UNIT 2 of the Year 1 complete beginner piano lessons course found at Year 1 – Unit 2 Complete Beginner Piano Lessons 

(16 lessons) PDF, 21pp

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2-1: Treble Clef D and E [Video 17] 2-2: Playing Forte and Piano [Video 18] 2-3 Sight Reading and Clap Backs [Video 19] 2-4 Finger Gym: Both Hands! [Video 20] 2-5: Bass Clef B and A [Video 21] 2-6: Intervals 2nd and 3rd [Video 22] 2-7: Playing with Skips [Video 23] 2-8: Finger Gym -HT and Contrary Motion [Video 24] 2-9: Treble and Bass C [Video 25] 2-10: C’s In Space [Video 26] 2-11: Ode to Joy by Beethoven [Video 27] 2-12: Finger Gym – C Major Pentascale [Video 28] 2-13 Bass Clef D and Treble Clef B [Video 29] 2-14: Windchimes [Video 30] 2-15: Ear Training [Video 31] 2-16 Finger Gym: G and F Major Pentascales [Video 32]

Website Link for Unit 2 (You must create a user at PianoVideoLessons.com before you can start the unit.)