Top 5 Online Piano Teachers

Learning piano online is a great option for so many reasons!

  • You can learn piano from the comfort of your home, without going anywhere!
  • You can work in your own time.
  • You have access to a wide range of piano teachers with different styles and specialties.
  • And, you can work with piano teachers that you otherwise couldn’t due to physical distance!

If you’re ready to learn to play piano online, you’ll be looking for the best method and teacher for your needs.   The internet is a very big place, and finding what you’re looking for can sometimes be a difficult task.


Which online piano teacher is the best one for you?

To make that easier I’ve made a list of my Top 5 Online Piano Teachers and what makes them great.

Each of these online piano teachers has a different specialty ranging from teaching beginners, to learning classical piano music, to learning pop music, to jazz and improvisation.

In fact, you could probably work with all 5 of these piano teachers at some point during the course of your piano studies to get a well-rounded and complete learning experience!

Without further ado, here’s my list – in no particular order:

Bradley Sowash

Are you a traditionally trained piano player who can read music and play comfortably, but relies on sheet music in order to make music?

Bradley has created a series of online piano classes for intermediate pianists. Classes such as: Jazz for the Rest of Us; That’s Jazz (also a book series); and Body Mind and Soul. In these classes you learn the nuts and bolts of jazz and improv and become comfortable making music in free and creative ways.

Bradley also offers one-on-one coaching and teacher training as well as a summer camp for piano players called 88 Creative Keys which he hosts with other fine and inspiring professional piano teachers.

Find out more about the options for working with Bradley here.


Joey Lieber

Are you already comfortable with some improvisation but really want to up your game for understanding and applying the principles of jazz?

If so, Joey is your man! Joey offers one-on-one live jazz and improv teaching. He lives in New York and has been exclusively teaching online for a while now.

He has an online improvisation school and is always creating new resources for his students.  You can learn more about Joey by visiting his website

Joey is positive, generous and talented. He’s written music for publication, created an extensive support system for piano teachers and is an endorsed Kawai artist.

Joey has created a Facebook Group for music teachers called Online Music Teachers, if you’re an music teacher find out more.


Tony Parlapiano (popMATICS)

Tony ParlapianoDo you wish you could play the music you hear on the radio without relying on sheet music to do it?

Playing music by ear is an art and a skill. Tony can teach you how to listen to music and understand what you’re hearing so that you can learn to create your own solo piano arrangements of your favorite music. Rock Ballads, Top 100, Indie-Folk Bluegrass… you name it! Tony’s got you covered.

Tony also works with teachers to help them learn his popMATICS method.

Find out more about Tony and get in touch with him here:


Allysia (PianoTV)

Allysia is a fellow Canadian and a real go-getter!

She’s the organizer and CEO of the world’s first-ever Online PianoCon, held in 2019.

Allysia is making it her mission to bring Classical music back! To help with that she’s written a book called Design your Own Piano Path and has an online piano course to go with it.

If you’re looking to make a plan and advance your classical piano chops, she’s your girl!

Find out more about how to work with Allysia here:


Lisa Pianista (PianoVideoLessons)

What list would be complete without a piano teacher who can help you get started playing piano (or re-start learning piano) and bring you to an early intermediate level so you can go on and delve deeper into the amazing variety of styles and skills the piano has to offer?

Lisa…yes, I’m speaking about myself in the third person!

Lisa’s mission is to help adults learn the basics+ of playing piano so that they can become comfortable self-learners with a firm foundation in playing, reading, theory and technique.

Lisa has an online piano course for beginning piano students.  It has 12 units of video instruction available on YouTube.  Here at and she also offers online piano classes for new beginners and those wishing to begin learning chord style piano.

You can also work one-on-one with Lisa in her Virtual Piano Studio.

Still not sure what your best option is?  Contact me and I’ll give you some help!