TomPlay: A Piano Learning Assistant App

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If you’re looking for an app to make your piano practice more fun, I think you might enjoy TomPlay!

The people at TomPlay asked me to work with their app for musicians (not just piano players) and make a video showing some of my favorite features.  Here’s the video.  Scroll down for details and a promo code.

I found that TomPlay was useful for breaking down a piece to learn it more efficiently as well as really fun for adding backing track accompaniments.


Use TomPlay as a piano learning tool

Some great features of TomPlay make it easier to learn to play a piece on your own.

  • it turns pages for you
  • break the parts down and work hand separately
  • slow it down with the metrnomone feature
  • loop a tricky section
  • write on the music and save your annotations

Here’s a link to the version of River Flows in You that I was using in the demo.


Use TomPlay as a play along / backing track.

If you’ve finished learning a piece, you can have a full orchestra or band join in to perform the music together.  This is super fun and really adds to the experience.

The orchestrations are professional and very well-made.

This is the link to the version of Hello that I was using.


TomPlay Subscription PromoCode

If you try TomPlay and decide to get a subscription, use this promocode and to save 30% PIANOVIDEOLESSONS30

If you give TomPlay a try, let me know what you think!


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