Thank you for booking!

Thanks for booking a piano lesson with me!

Be sure to mark your lesson in your calendar and get set up and warmed up ahead of time.

Before the lesson:

You’ll receive a link in your confirmation email.

Get your questions ready, 30 minutes goes by quickly!

Be prepared to play for me, that’s how I’ll be able to coach you the best.

Setting for using Zoom during a music lesson:



On lesson day:

Please position your device so that I may see you and your piano keys.

This video might be helpful if you’re not sure how to prop up a phone or small tablet:

Connect to Zoom with plenty of time to not feel rushed and wait for me to admit you from the waiting room.

I’ll be with you promptly as soon as I finish with the student before you.

I keep a strict time schedule, so please don’t be late or you will miss out on some of your time.

That’s it!  See you soon!