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WOW! I do research on lots of piano instructors. You are the winner. Your clarity, speed, and patience is a God given gift. A dream I had as a little girl, but never had a piano (too poor), but blessed. with wonderful parents. Thank you for the free lessons.

I came from simply piano because it felt like it wasn't really teaching me much.. Thank you for these free lessons, you are very easy to understand and you're great at explaining. 🙂

Ma'am your lessons are completely student friendly, thank you very much!!

Thank you so much for these lessons. You are an awesome teacher!

I am a beginner who has always wanted to learn to play the piano since I was little. It was not a necessity at the time. As an adult, I wondered where I could have been having learned to play as a kid. Finally, I bought a piano and found your videos. God bless you for being so kind to create these videos for free. It makes me feel like I am in a real class. Thank you, girl!

WOW .. amazing lessons. I just purchased the PDFs that go with it. I am a Newbie, and as an Engineer, I usually do a lot of research to find the best resources to work a problem. In this case, learning the Piano, I've collected numerous books, IPad Apps, ... on & on. Your series is amazing for its quality and the fact that the Videos are free. The amazing number of Free vids are extremely well organized & the lessons are short & powerful. I doubt you'll get rich with this approach, but I can't be happier at having found you and plan to get through all 100 and whatever vids .. and probably buying many more of the PDFs.

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