I actually started with lessons from a different YouTube channel – I took up to lesson 6, but was not getting anything. It appeared to me that I was just getting information – I am an engineer, so my mind is more receptive to concepts – I gave up on that channel. While watching those videos, your channel popped up.

I followed all of your lessons on YouTube – Now I am up to Unit 7.

Your lessons are very comprehensive, methodical and become conceptual as one progresses along – I think I had a moment when you discussed reading sheet music as ‘larger stories’ instead of individual notes.

I made sure to follow the lessons as closely as possible and practise almost every day, even if a ‘practice’ involved rehashing some chord progressions. I also had to re-take some lessons.

Your channel/website is definitely one of the best to learn from – and learning piano has been life altering for me.

Your lessons are so good, I was surprised they were available for free. I cannot stay for more than a day without playing something on the piano.

Thank you! Peter

I started taking weekly thirty minute Zoom lessons with Lisa.  Her expertise in piano playing and pedagogy, and her encouraging, organized, and efficient teaching style, have been a great fit for me.  And because her lessons are conducted over video, I am able to continue working with her long-term despite the travel and moves that my job sometimes requires. 

Also, Lisa has quite a bit of experience with the RCM program.  She thoroughly prepared me for a recent RCM exam.  Because of how well she prepared me, I earned a high score with “First Class Honours with Distinction” on the exam. 

I recommend Lisa’s lessons to anyone seeking quality piano lessons with a truly competent and helpful teacher.  In my opinion, her lessons are worth every penny and then some.


Laura’s thoughts on working with Lisa

As an older (mid-50s) learner, I started taking weekly, one-on-one, beginning-level Zoom piano lessons with Lisa about a year ago.  It was a huge relief to find such an accomplished, experienced, patient, professional, and motivating teacher.  She has been phenomenal and very easy to work with.

Lisa provides detailed written practice assignment sheets every week, so that I know exactly what I need to practice. Despite our lessons being conducted on Zoom (rather than in-person), she is able to pick up on technical, pedaling, posture-related, technique-related, dynamic-related, and other issues in my playing that need shaping or correction.  She is very good at sensing when I might be feeling frustrated/confused and need to slow down a bit – while at the same time gently pushing me forward in my learning and keeping me on track to accomplish my learning goals. She provides me with extremely helpful practical tips (especially with regard to how to practice and how to work through frustrating aspects of the learning process) when I struggle.  She has great insight into the unique challenges and aspects of being a beginner adult student and is responsive to my learning style.  

Laura Piano Exam Preparation Experience

One of my piano goals was to be able to eventually work my way through the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) piano exams.  In approximately a year,  Lisa got me through my first piano method book, provided helpful supplemental materials and guidance along the way, and thoroughly prepared for my first RCM exam (RCM Prep A).  She walked me through the RCM registration process and was very helpful in getting me truly ready for the exam.  I felt very prepared during the RCM exam and am happy with my exam performance and score.  I am now in my year two method book and already starting to prepare for my second exam (RCM Prep B) in my weekly video lessons.

Based on my very positive experiences noted above, I give Lisa my highest recommendation as a piano teacher!