Student Spotlight – Peter

Thanks Lisa,

I have no background in music. I always wanted to play at least one musical instrument, so when the pandemic hit (Feb this year), I decided to do something about it.

I actually started with lessons from a different YouTube channel – I took up to lesson 6, but was not getting anything. It appeared to me that I was just getting information – I am an engineer, so my mind is more receptive to concepts – I gave up on that channel. While watching those videos, your channel popped up.

I followed all of your lessons on YouTube – Now I am up to Unit 7.

Your lessons are very comprehensive, methodical and become conceptual as one progresses along – I think I had a moment when you discussed reading sheet music as ‘larger stories’ instead of individual notes.

I made sure to follow the lessons as closely as possible and practise almost every day, even if a ‘practice’ involved rehashing some chord progressions. I also had to re-take some lessons.

Your channel/website is definitely one of the best to learn from – and learning piano has been life altering for me.

Your lessons are so good, I was surprised they were available for free. I cannot stay for more than a day without playing something on the piano.

Thank you! Peter

Emails like these make me so happy!

Everyday, I receive emails from people just like you who are learning to play piano through self-study using my free videos.

This video features Peter. He had never played piano before beginning to learn using my free video lesson series on YouTube. After just 9 months of practice he is in Unit 7 and making beautiful music.

I’ve included above, with Peter’s permission, the email that he sent me describing his experience.

I am always touched to hear how learning to play piano has enriched the lives of my students around the world. Thousands of you have taken on the challenge to become piano players! And, through determination and hard work, you are learning!

There are lots of free videos here to learn from! Or, if you learn better as part of a group, I also offer online live zoom classes. If learning to play piano is your dream, I can help!

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