Piano Chording Level 1 – YEAR 1 – Unit 5

Welcome to YEAR 1 Unit 5 – Piano Chording Level 1 – Free Video Piano Course!

The only prerequisite for Piano Chording Level 1 is being able to read and play on the piano  music written in the Treble Staff.

By the end of this free 16-lesson piano course/unit you will be able to:

  • Play all of the major and minor triads in any key!
  • Play music with chord harmony from a lead sheet.
  • Play chords in different inversions.
  • Create left hand arrangements using inverted chord voicings
  • Play interesting LH chords using patterns that you choose yourself!
  • Play arpeggios!
  • Play familiar chord progressions, and even make up your own!
  • Read a chord sheet to jam with your friends, or sing along while chording!
  • Get hours of enjoyment at the piano!