Piano Chording 2 – ebook

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This is the ebook that accompanies the lessons found here:

Unit 7 – Piano Chording Level 2

You will receive a pdf file to download to your computer or device. It is 1.5MB and 23 pages. It includes all of the materials used in lessons 1-15 of Unit 7, Piano Chording 2.

Recommended Prerequisite: Piano Chording 1 (Unit 5)
By the end of this 15-lesson unit You will be able to:
● Play all Major and Minor Keys in the Circle of 5ths/4ths
● Understand, build and play 3 kinds of 7th chords
● Play chords in inversions
● Understand and play “slash chords”
● Understand, build and play Suspensions such as Sus2 and Sus4 Chords
● Understand and build added tone chords such as add2 and add4
● Enhance your ability to play from lead sheets.
● Be able to play Auld Lang Syne, Plaisir D’Amour, Give my Regards to Broadway, Jesu Joy
of Man’s Desiring, Greensleeves and Irish Lullaby (Too ra loo ra loo rah)

Please save your download on your device and save it in a place that you will be able to find it.

No refunds for downloaded material.