Piano Challenges, Crash Courses and Workouts!

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This Fall and Winter I’m planning to host a series of Challenges, Workouts and Crash Courses. Which ones would you like to see most? I’ll offer the most popular option first!

21-Day Practice Challenge – Make the most of your practice time! Daily practice tips and challenges to get you into the groove with effective and efficient practice! Wraps up with a Q&A. (all levels)

4-Week Sight Reading Workout – Improve your ability to read fluently at sight with this series of practical strategies and instructions. Wraps up with a Q&A. (all levels)

21-Day Learn Chords Crash Course – Learn all the Major and Minor Chords with daily emails to guide you. At the end of the 21-days, you’ll have the major and minor chords learned in root positions and inversions! Wraps up with a Q&A.

4-Week Lead Sheet Workout – Learn to play from a lead sheet (RH is written out, LH uses Chord Symbols) tin this crash course. 4 weekly email lessons. Wraps up with a Q&A. (Pre-requisite: know how to read treble clef.)

4- Week Learn to Improvise Crash Course – Learn the basics of improvisation so you can make music freely at the piano for enjoyment. Wraps up with a Q&A.

Complete the survey to tell me which ones you want! – and receive a 10% off coupon for September’s course!