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NOTE: Your e-books are delivered to you by email.

When you completed your purchase you received an email with the link to download the PDF file.

The ebooks are not stored on this website. You must save them to your own device / print them for future use.

Step 1: Look for the download email you received when purchasing your PDF

If you want to download it, or re-download your PDF files I recommend checking for that email. Search for these terms: pianovideolessons  or The email looks like this:

(If you don’t have the original email, please contact me at with the details and I’ll help you retrieve your files.)

STEP 2: Download your files:

Upon clicking the View Your Order button you’ll be redirected to the page to download your files:

Each unit has a separate ebook.

Or, you can purchase a discounted Bundle

You don’t need them. But, you will likely want them, as they will enable you to follow the lessons, make notes and practice the music as well as do any written assignments.