I want to let you know that I enjoy the manner in which you teach. I especially appreciate your calm, even manner of speaking. And, how you teach new concepts and reinforce them with by having us play a song with them. I am 65 and recently decided that I wanted to learn to play the piano. I started on my husband’s keyboard and now have purchased a piano. I love it!

I watched a few other YouTube instructors and soon became disheartened and felt I would not be able to progress. Then I found your course. I have been making steady progress.

I absolutely love your videos. in my opinion you're the best piano teacher on youtube. you made me keep going and practicing. I will do this as soon as possible. thank you and keep making videos!!

Have never played piano before now, but was always a dream of mine to learn. I decided on giving myself a new challenge and after visiting countless other video sites I finally found yours, which I have to admit is totally awesome, and am readily sharing it with everyone I know, singing your praises into the bargain. At this rate your pupils will soar big time. I especially love the easy way you appear to make learning fun, offering us bite size portions to take on board and remember so easily. The lessons are clear and concise and build upon one another, at a pace I can readily remember and learn. Like a giant jigsaw in the making, and each lesson brings in another piece towards the final masterpiece. With your lovely relaxed manner I find myself absorbing your lessons like a dry sponge demanding moisture, and feel so proud when I can make sense and master the pieces you set us to practice on. Even surprising myself when it all comes together. To say you are a wonderful inspiration would be an understatement. I cannot thank you enough for you dedication to this course.

A month ago Seemed so complicated in other lessons but how your explained it and gave examples, it made it a lot easier. Thank you so much. Very good teacher, I hope you continue.

Thank you very much. made understanding the rhythm so much easier. You are my kinda teacher.

Excellent lessons! very organized for beginners.

Send me yours!

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