You are an amazing teacher!!!  You have such a calming way of teaching and your encouragement has really helped me.  I am a recently retired senior who has wanted to learn to play the piano since I was a little girl!  I watch your videos over and over again. Thank you so much for helping me make my dream come true!!!!

Your method of teaching makes it so easy for me to learn piano that I wish I had this years ago.

I love your teaching method. I play acoustic 6 string guitar and electric 4 string bass guitar and I am self taught, but can’t read music. I have always wanted to learn to play piano so I and started taking your Beginner’s Lessons. My wife was watching over my shoulder and stated that had her childhood teacher used your method, she probably would know how to play piano today.

Thank you Lisa! Your method of teaching is excellent – you make it very clear and simple and so it’s easy to learn. I’m an adult early-intermediate student.

Thank you for your great online courses. I am 36 years old and mother two kids.
When I started your course I was very excited, it was so fun to learn basic stuff and it is so much to learn. Now I almost finished Year 1- Unit 5. I really learned a lot from you. At the beginning every new lesson is difficult, but when I practice over and over it seems easy at the end and than I feel so proud of myself...I love your lessons and I think you are great online teacher.

Hi Lisa - I just discovered your page and I absolutely LOVE it. I played piano when I was a young kid, but stopped. I have tried a few times to get back into it but without hands-on lessons, and without the right help, I kept giving up. It was TOO hard to self-teach with videos and books, but for some reason your lesson plans MAKE SENSE. Everything is broken down accordingly and I can't say enough how amazing your page is!

Send me yours!

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