Learning with E-books

Simply watching the videos won’t help you to learn to play. You can watch the videos to see if Lisa’s teaching style suits your learning style. But once you commit to lessons, you’ll want to get the ebooks so you can easily work with the material.

Get the e-books

Serious students will purchase the ebooks for the Units they are studying.

In order to learn to play piano, you have to actually play piano! And having the sheet music and worksheets will make this possible.

The best way to purchase the printable lesson material is in a bundle.

You can also purchase the e-books individually $19 per unit, for a total of $114 for all 6 units.

When you consider that the video lessons are free, you will agree that you can’t beat that price! $88 for a whole year’s worth of piano studies!

Start Learning Piano!

Once you have the e-books downloaded and saved to your computer, you’ll be all set to begin Unit 1!

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