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Learn music, it's good for brain fitness
<p>Increase Brain Fitness-Learn to Play an Instrument!</p>
The internet is rife with articles on brain fitness, and brain plasticity.  The thing they all agree on is that1 Read more
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learn how to play piano by yourself for beginners
<p>How to Learn Piano By Yourself</p>
Learning to play piano by yourself doesn't have to be confusing. With the right teacher and materials you can make1 Read more
<p>Where Should I Start?</p>
Online Beginner Piano Lessons for Adults – What to learn first | Placement Here’s a handy chart to show you1 Read more
<p>No tripod, no problem! Set up your device with rubber bands and a floor lamp.</p>
  Skype or video lessons are a great way to get feedback from a remote piano teacher.  In this age1 Read more
<p>Adding a Few More Things</p>
Hey there! With my in-studio recital finally done, (It was fabulous, thanks for asking!  All of my students were awesome!)1 Read more

PianoVideoLessons is dedicated to providing high quality piano instruction for free. The video instruction is all free.  The accompanying PDF ebooks are available for purchase for a nominal fee.

Adult beginners find great success with the perfectly paced piano lessons found here at PianoVideoLessons.com  You can learn at home at your own pace, and Lisa is available to answer your questions and supplies her VIP students with weekly practice tips and tricks!  Subscribe today via Patreon:  Weekly Piano Practice Tips and Tricks.

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