How to Play from a Lead Sheet [5-2]

A lead sheet is a simplification of a piece of music that can be used by any musician.  Piano players use them by reading the melody in the right hand and realizing chords in the left hand.  Lead sheets can be a great way to play a big sound with not very much reading involved.

You’ll see in this lesson on The Alphabet Song just how easy it can be!


  • Print the Lesson Sheets
  • Watch the Video, below.
  • Practice!
  • Be sure to also continue to practice all the Major Chords!
  • Scroll down and “Mark Complete” to unlock the next lesson (You must be logged in and registered for FREE ACCESS to all videos.)


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Unit 6 explores arranged Piano Classics or after Unit 5 you can move on to
  • Unit 7 continues exploring Chords, Lead Sheets and Left Hand Arrangement Patterns introduced in Unit 5.
  • Unit 5 can also be a stand alone course in Beginner Piano Chording and Lead Sheets.
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