Unit 4 – Building Coordination Hands Together

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Beginner Adult Piano Lessons Year 1 Unit 4

Unit 4 develops your ability to play piano with both hands at the same time.  This can be the biggest leap for adult piano beginners. You will learn:

  • New rhythm:  eighth notes
  • Beginning Chord Harmony 
    • your first lead sheet, and 
    • how to select chords for a melody
  • Coordinating playing hands together extensively
  • Major Scales and Transposition

I’ll give you lots of tips and tricks for coordinating your hand-together piano playing.  This unit might take you a little longer if this is the first time you’ve learned piano. Keep with it!

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The intent of the course is for you to take 4 lessons in 4 days, and then practice for 3 days.  Meaning that the full 16 lessons will take 4 weeks to complete.  This will allow time for you to assimilate what you are learning and become physically comfortable and fluent.

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