Unit 3 – Foundations in Reading and Technique

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The free video lessons in Unit 3 take you out of ‘piano beginner’ mode and move you along into ‘piano novice!’

You will learn:

  • Time signatures and pickup notes
  • The rest of the notes on the grand staff
  • Tricks for better sight reading – reading intervallically
  • Moving to different hand placements mid-piece
  • Staccato and legato touch
  • Playing at the octave.

The level of coordination required for this unit does not progress much, this gives your hands a chance to catch up with your mind!  This is important for adult beginners, since coordination takes time to develop.  Don’t skimp on this level!  It’s a good one to review later if you need to increase your dexterity.

Unit 3 contains 16 lessons.  In this unit you’ll be learning some folks songs and some classics including melodies by Mozart and Grieg!  You’ll learn to read intervals to assist fingerings.  And, you’ll get your fingers running with some Hanon drills!

(Looking for Unit 2?  Click here.)

The intent of the course is for you to take the lessons 1 day at a time, 4 per week for 4 weeks.  This will allow time for you to practice and assimilate what you are learning.

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