2-11: Ode to Joy by Beethoven [Video 27]

Unit 2 – Lesson 11

This is going to be awesome!  This piece is the most challenging one yet!  We’re going to play Ode to Joy by Beethoven.  Make sure you give yourself a little extra practice time on this one.  It is bringing together so many of the skills and facts we’ve learned so far!

Watch the video and follow along.  Get your pencils ready so you can make notes on your music and worksheet as you learn.

This piece is going to be amazing!

It’s going to use everything you’ve got:

Hands together coordination.

Visual pattern recognition.

Playing with a steady beat, forte and piano!

Give yourself extra time with this one.

Eyes on the page!

Enrichment Activities:

Work on your sight reading skills with Sight Reading Lesson 1.

Enrich your note reading skills with Note Reading Course, Lesson 5