Unit 2 – Basic Theory, Reading and Technique

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Unit 2: You’ll learn short pieces of music and develop your dexterity while advancing your ability to play and read piano music with ease.

You will learn:

  • Musical symbols 
  • Dynamics 
  • Finger gyms in 3 different keys  
  • Tips for making sight reading easier
  • A first try at playing hands together.
  • Fun songs!

And you will increase your sight reading skills while getting a taste of playing piano with both hands at the same time!

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Free Adult Beginner Piano Lessons - Ode to Joy
The Lessons Cover:

  • Musical concepts (theory,)
  • Exercises to develop your dexterity (technique),
  • Exercises in musical listening skills (ear training),
  • Tips for better music reading (sight reading skills.)
  • Short pieces of music (repertoire) to reinforce your learning!