Sight Reading 1

This lesson assumes that you have completed up to the end of Unit 2, lesson 7.

Watch the video lesson below for an overview and some examples of how to sight read.

After completing this lesson, you can begin working with Sight Reading Factory using this custom drill:

Sight Reading 1.

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This sight reading lesson uses:

  • Rhythm: quarter notes, half notes, whole notes
  • Middle C Position – white keys from Bass F to Treble G
  • Notes that repeat or move up or down by step
  • 4/4 time

Practice Tip:

Using the Sight Reading Factory app practice this level until you can play each new drill easily and steadily while playing along with the app audio. Start at a slow tempo, like 60, and progress to a moderate tempo, like 80.

Use code Lisa88 to save 10% on the purchase of an annual subscription or renewal of Sight Reading Factory,.