Lesson 14 – Pachelbel Canon

In this lesson we are going to learn how to play Pachelbel Canon in D.  This is a sample lesson for Unit 6, and so the sheets are available for purchase separately.  Scroll down for ebooks for this piece, or the full Unit 6 ebook.

There are 2 approaches to learning the Pachelbel Canon

  1. start with the hard parts so they can get more practice
  2. start with the easy parts and build your skill as you approach the hard parts

So, depending on your comfort level, you can choose which way to tackle this piece.

I have created the videos in this way:

VIDEO 1:  The “hard” parts first – This video teaches the end of the piece first, and includes sections 9,8,7,and 6.

VIDEO 2:  The “easy” parts first – This video begins at the beginning of the piece and includes sections 1,2,3,4 and 5.

You choose which way suits you the best.

Let’s Go!

  • Print the Lesson Sheets
  • Watch the Video, below.
  • Practice!
  • Scroll down and “Mark Complete” to unlock the next lesson (You must be logged in and registered for FREE ACCESS to all videos.)
  • PS feel free to move on before finishing this piece, the next lesson is not as difficult as this one!

Purchase the Unit 6 PDF – includes all 16 lessons. (Instant download.) A bargain, for sure, at $19! Remember, all of the video lessons are free!

You don’t have to buy before you try. Watch the free videos and make your purchase once you’re ready to commit!


VIDEO 1 (sections 9,8,7, and 6:) The harder parts first.

VIDEO 2 (Sections 1-5:) The easier parts.

how to play pachelbel canon

Pachelbel Canon sheet music and practice sheet single (4 pages):
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