Lesson 8 – High G, Low F and their neighbors

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In this lesson you’ll learn the last 2 Landmark Notes and their neighbors, to complete the set of notes between low C and high C.

  • Bass Clef, or F Clef can also help us find the F that hangs in the space touching the bottom of the bass staff.
  • Its upper neighbor on the bottom line of bass staff is G.
  • Treble Clef, or G Clef can also help us find the G that sits in the space touching the top of the treble staff.
  • Its lower neighbor on the top line of treble staff is F.

Here is a visual representation of all of the landmark notes compared to a full sized 88-key piano keyboard:

Now complete the worksheets in the coursebook and the Note Rush drills to securely learn and practice the last 2 landmark notes and all of the notes we have learned so far in this course.