Lesson 3 – Neighbors and Skips of Middle C

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Now that we know how notes move on the staff and we understand neighbors and skips (aka 2nds and 3rds) let’s discover the 2nds and 3rds that surround middle C!

  • Middle C is a line note. So, its neighbors will be in spaces.
  • C’s upper neighbor is D, it hangs below the bottom line of the treble staff.  
  • C’s lower neighbor is B, it sits on top of the top line of the bass staff.
  • Middle C is a line note. So, notes a 3rd or skip away from C will be line notes, too.
  • A skip above Middle C is E – found on the bottom line of treble staff.*
  • *A skip below Middle C is A – found on the top line of bass staff.

*Notice that E, on the bottom line of treble staff is a skip up from Middle C and also a skip down from Treble G.  You can locate E by comparing it to either landmark!

Now complete the worksheets in the coursebook and the Note Rush drills to securely learn and practice the neighbors and skips around middle C.