Lesson 2 – Neighbors and Skips from Treble G

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How Notes Move on the Staff:

Notes move up the staff to show higher pitches and move down the staff to show lower pitches.

When moving from one white key to the next, notes move from line to space to line to space.

  • Find Treble G in the image above.  
  • Notice that F and A are G’s neighbors and they are both space notes.   
  • Space notes touch lines, but don’t go over them.
  • Moving one note farther away from G we skip down to E – on the bottom line and skip up to B on the 3rd line.  
  • “Neighbors” are also referred to as the interval of a 2nd (a 2- note span.)
  • “Skips” are also referred to as the interval of a 3rd (a 3- note span.)

Complete the workbook pages in the coursebook, and the Note Rush drills to securely learn and practice the neighbors and skips from treble G and review all notes learned so far.