Lesson 14 – Review All Ledger Notes

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Now that you have learned all of the ledger notes in treble and bass staff from Low C to High C it’s a good time to review all of these ledger notes.

Here is a diagram that shows all of them:

Take a moment and find the ledger landmark notes Low C, Middle C (in 2 locations) and High C.   Remind yourself of all of their neighbors and skips.  Then complete the activities that follow:

The ledger notes can be confusing!  


  • Middle C has a single ledger line, read the inner ledger notes with reference to middle C.  
  • High C and Low C need two ledger lines! Read the outer ledger notes with reference to your landmarks High and Low C. (You might read these from High G and Low F as well!)

Now complete the worksheets in the coursebook and the Note Rush drills to securely learn and practice all of the notes on ledger lines.

Then come back for lesson 15 where we’ll review absolutely everything you’ve learned in this course!