Unit 8 – Grade 1 Piano Technical Exercises & Etudes

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Grade 1 Piano Lessons Technical Drills and Etudes

YEAR 2 – Unit 1 – Grade 1 Piano Technical Exercises and Etudes

In this unit we will work through the Technical Requirements (scales and triad exercises) and Piano Etudes (preparatory music) for Grade 1 Piano.

This unit will prepare you for the next two units:

  • Unit 2: Grade 1 Baroque Style Music
  • Unit 3: Grade 1 Classical Style Music

Some students will find the music in this unit sounds ‘simple.’ The simplicity is deceiving. These pieces have technical demands that will require careful practice and attention. The proper execution of the technical demands is the focus of a piano etude.

The scales and triads presented are supportive of the music, and are the set technical drills for this grade level.

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Online Class:

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