Unit 9 – Grade 1 Baroque Piano Repertoire [Year 2, Unit 2]

Grade 1 Piano Baroque Repertoire

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In this unit we’ll be learning to play five baroque style piano pieces from Grade 1 level repertoire.

This unit follows the Grade 1 Technical Exercises and Etudes Unit (Unit 8)

There are five Grade 1 level Baroque pieces in this unit:

  • Minuet by Krieger
  • Bouree by JS Bach
  • Allemande by Schien
  • Minuet in F by d’Anglebert
  • Bouree in D Minor by Graupner

Each piece is taught over 3 lessons, for a total of 15 video lessons in this Unit.

Once you complete this unit, you can move on to Unit 10 – Classical Grade 1 Piano Repertoire (coming in 2020.)