1-2: Landmarks C and G

Unit 1 lasts  4 weeks and contains 16 lessons.

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You should know your piano key names and your finger numbers, if you’ve not learned these yet, no problem! Here’s a quick lesson to help you learn them both! Piano Key Names and Finger Numbers – intro lessons.

In this lesson (1-2)  you will learn

  • Your First Piece!  Google Maps
  • Landmark Notes,
  • Middle C,
  • Treble G,
  • G Clef is Treble Clef,
  • Line Notes
1-2This is going to be fun! We're going to officially be introduced to our first notes on the treble staff.

We'll call them Landmark Notes since they are going to guide us when finding other notes on the piano.

And right away we're going to learn a piece using those guide notes. The piece is quite fittingly called Google Maps!

Lesson Instructions:

  1. Print out the Lesson materials
  2. Watch The Video (above) – get out a pencil and get ready to take notes!
  3. Complete the worksheet, if you didn’t do it during the lesson.
  4. Practice your new piece!  Check below for practice tips.
  5. If you’re a Flashcard-kinda-person print out the flashcards (at the end of your lesson materials document) and cut them out according to instructions.  And then practice your cards!  There are only 2 so far!  It won’t take long!
  6. Scroll down and click the MARK COMPLETE button to save your progress.  (if you don’t see this button, you are not “registered” for this unit.  Go back to the course description page and click the green “start” button at the bottom of the page.)

Practice Instructions: 

You should practice everyday!  Just a little– or a lot if you’re inspired!

Follow this list each day for a comprehensive and efficient practice routine.

  1. Clap the rhythm and count out loud! (Check the time signature and write in the counting.)
  2. Name the notes before you play the first time, circle any that give you pause.  On subsequent times, review any circled notes before you play.
  3. Find your hand placement carefully and think about relaxed curved fingers that press into the keys, and use arm weight, similar to the weight we feel when transferring our body weight from one foot to the other!.
  4. Playslowly! and
    • name the notes, do this until you are relaxed and accurate and can play without hesitations (at least 5 times.)  If you are hesitating a lot, go back to step 2 and then try again, going more slowly!
    • count the beats.  Out loud!  Don’t skip this step!!  Remember to work slowly at your most comfortable speed.  Not so fast!! Any insecurities will show up when you are counting as you play.   Do this step until you can play without stopping at a tempo that is pleasing.
    • sing along to the words – optional but tons of fun!
  5. Test your progress.  Think you’ve got it mastered?  Try recording yourself and see if you did your best on your first attempt.  If not, keep practicing.  It’s fun to keep a record of your progress by checking back and re-watching/listening to this recording in future weeks.  If you are diligent, you’ll be amazed at your progress!

Additional Daily Practice:

Don’t just practice your piece.  It’s a good idea to make a quick review of the notes from the first lesson.

  • Review Note Letter Names
  • Read your lesson notes from lesson 1-1 – Starting on the Staff

Lesson Tracking:

Lessons 1 and 2 are available as sample lessons without registration, to continue to lessons 3, you must be registered.

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