1-1: The Grand Staff

The Grand Staff – Piano Lesson #1.


You should know:

  1. Piano Key Names:  (review video:) Pre-Beginner Lesson 1: Piano Key Names
  2. Finger Numbers:  (review video: ) Pre-Beginner Lesson 2: Piano Finger Numbers

Let’s Go!

In this first Lesson: Year 1, Unit 1, Lesson 1-1, (that’s a lot of 1’s!)  you will learn about:

>Treble Clef
>Bass Clef
>High Notes
>Low Notes
>Line Notes
>Space Notes
Grand Staff Piano Lesson 1

This lesson is nice and easy! And the lesson instructions are simple:

  1. Print out the lesson materials (below)
  2. Watch the video piano lesson (above) and follow along!  Get a pencil and take notes!
  3. Complete the lesson worksheet.
  4. Come back tomorrow for lesson 2 where we’ll learn our first piece of music.

Lessons 1 and 2 are available as sample lessons, to continue to Lesson 3, you must be enrolled in this course:

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