1-1: The Grand Staff


You should know the piano key names and your finger numbers.

If you need to learn them, no problem!

Here’s a quick lesson to help you learn them both! Piano Key Names and Finger Numbers – intro lessons.

Study these 2 concepts and then come on back to this page. (Unit 1, Lesson 1)

Let’s Go!

Piano Lesson 1 – The Grand Staff

Step 1: Watch the video

In this lesson  you will learn about:

>Treble Clef
>Bass Clef
>High Notes
>Low Notes
>Line Notes
>Space Notes
Grand Staff Piano Lesson 1

Step 2: Print the lesson materials

Year 1 e-Books

As with any skill, it’s not enough to just watch a video. You need to put the skill into action.

The e-books for each unit contain the worksheets and sheet music that accompany each video lesson. They are invaluable tools for learning!

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Step 3: Complete the worksheet!


It’s important to review the concepts in each lesson. The worksheet for lesson 1 will give you practice with the concepts of line note and space notes, and writing notes on the grand staff.

Purchase the Unit 1 ebook, for one low price(16 lessons.)

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Video Clips: Concept Shorts

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