Unit 1 – Intro to Technique and Note Reading

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Video overview | Unit 1

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Get the most out of your lessons, get the e-books!

You can just watch the videos, but if you’re serious about learning piano you’ll want to practice. The ebooks are available unit by unit or as part of a larger discount bundle.

The lessons of Year 1 are progressive, so you’ll be moving forward with each lesson you learn. It’s a good idea to do some review as you learn as well.

I would suggest doing no more than 4 lessons in 4 days. Then work on that material, practicing until you have ease. Protip: Practice slowly, your brain learns faster when you are relaxed! Some people will take just a day or two to review become comfortable with the material and others might take a week or more! This is the beauty of self-paced online learning!

Check for upcoming Online Piano Classes for Beginners. Lisa guides you through Units 1 through 4 and gives personalized coaching and support. There’s nothing like getting help from a professional teacher!


In Unit 1 you’ll begin learning:

  • Proper piano playing technique 
  • The basics of reading piano music – 
    • including simple rhythm and
    • how to read your first music notes in treble and bass clef, 
  • Music theory
  • And, you’ll get your fingers ready for developing more coordination!  

Unit 1 is the first of 6 units in Year 1 Comprehensive Beginner Piano Lessons