Unit 1 – Intro to Technique and Note Reading

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Let’s get started learning piano!

Unit 1 is the perfect place to start learning how to play piano while learning to read music. In this unit you’ll begin to develop dexterity and coordination. We’ll take it slowly since, for adult beginner piano students, dexterity tends to be the most challenging piece. I understand that, so don’t worry!

Watch the video overview of Unit 1, read the summary below, or just get started with the first lesson.

Video overview | Unit 1

Watch this video to get an overview of Unit 1, scroll to the bottom of the page for the lesson index. Too easy? Move to Unit 2

The lessons of Year 1 are progressive, so you’ll be moving forward with each lesson you learn. It’s a good idea to do some review as you learn as well.

I would suggest doing no more than 4 lessons in 4 days. Then work on that material to practicing until you have ease. Protip: Practice slowly, your brain learns faster when you are relaxed! Some people will take just a day or two to review become comfortable with the material and others might take a week or more! This is the beauty of self-paced online learning!

Check for upcoming Online Piano Classes for Beginners. Lisa guides you through Units 1 through 4 and gives personalized coaching and support. There’s nothing like getting help from a professional teacher!

Like the free lessons?  Get the e-books!

You can just watch the videos, but if you’re serious about learning piano you’ll want to practice. The ebooks are available unit by unit or as part of a larger bundle.

Unit 1 E-book (16 lessons) download and print the music and worksheets.


In Unit 1 you’ll begin learning:

  • Proper piano playing technique 
  • The basics of reading piano music – 
    • including simple rhythm and
    • how to read your first music notes in treble and bass clef, 
  • Music theory
  • And, you’ll get your fingers ready for developing more coordination!  

You will not feel overwhelmed

while working on Unit 1.

It is ideal for new beginners!





Unit 1 is the first of 6 units in Year 1 Comprehensive Beginner Piano Lessons




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