Lesson 5 – Joy to the World in G Major

Next up!  A new take on Joy to the World, playing in G Major.  This key signature will also warm us up for playing in E Minor in the next lesson.

  • Level 1 learn the melody and add simple single note harmony.
  • Level 2 use chords to harmonize (in root position and voiced inversions.)
  • Level 3 create arranged patterns for the left hand

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Lesson steps:

  1. Print the PDF (optional) Available above.  Ebook includes: Lead Sheets (both standard notation and alphanotes for beginners,)  A Chord Reference Sheet  and Chord Inversions and Voicings practice sheet.
  2. Watch the Video!
  3. Practice!  
    1. Learn the carol well with right hand before attempting to add harmony with the left hand.
    2. Begin with the first level. Add single notes under the melody
    3. Practice the chord changes with left hand alone
    4. Work on playing the right hand with the chords – level 2A, start slowly.
    5. Move on to 2B, if you wish – start with working on the left hand.
    6. Level 3, optional.  Have some fun with it!


Need help with chords?  Check out