Lesson 2 – O Christmas Tree

This lesson uses the same 3 chords as Jingle Bells, plus 2 more:  G7 and Dm.  If you’re brand new at this, go back to lesson 1 and learn Jingle Bells to get the basics.  O Christmas Tree is a perfect second lesson, paying tribute to this Christmas symbol found in many homes.

  • Level 1 learn the melody and add simple single note harmony.
  • Level 2 use chords to harmonize (in root position and voiced inversions.)
  • Level 3 create arranged patterns for the left hand using interesting/ sophisticated harmony.

Lesson steps:

  1. Choose your level and Watch the Video!
  2. Print the PDF (optional) Available below.  Lesson package includes: Lead Sheets (both standard notation and alphanotes for beginners,)  A Chord Reference Sheet  and Chord Inversions and Voicings practice sheet.
  3. Practice!  Begin with the first level.  Learn the carol well with right hand before attempting to add harmony with the left hand.