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Year 1 Beginner Piano Course

If you have some previous experience, check this page for placement suggestions. Where should I start?

YEAR 1 e-book — Units 1 through 6, 96 lessons:

Learn to play piano for free - Year One complete beginner piano video course

Bonus Units – Beyond Year 1

Extra Help

  • Note Reading Course – Featuring the Note Rush app
  • Note Speller for Piano Improve your note recognition, includes ledger lines above and below the staves. No prerequisite
  • Pre-Staff Beginner Piano Lessons – Unit Zero for those who want to ease into learning before starting Unit 1. (This, and the Note Reading Crash Course are the first units ever created for YouTube, so they’ve been around for a while! They are not needed if you are following the Year 1 Comprehensive Beginner Piano Curriculum, above.)
  • Christmas Carols (Easy) Beginning with Pre-staff and easy beginner reading, then each carol has 2 options easy beginner or easy chord style.


Not sure where to start? Check this page: Where should I start?