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There are 2 ways to become a sponsor:

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Why make a donation?

As you know, I offer all of my video lessons for free here at

That’s because I believe that in order to find the right learning method you need to dig in and experience the lessons.  Because the videos are free, you can try as many lessons as you wish before committing to stick with me here at PianoVideoLessons.

The videos are free, but the course materials are available for a small fee (around $1 per lesson.) However, there is no obligation to purchase the materials in order to learn from the lessons.  You can purchase the right ones for you when they will benefit your learning.


This philosophy is working!

What value do you give my online piano lessons?

Many of you feel that the lessons here at are worth more to you than $0 (or the $1 per lesson that the ebooks cost.) Afterall, in-studio piano lessons cost at least 20x that much!! – and restrict you to a once-weekly lesson time.  With online learning you can learn where and when you please!

Several of you reached out to me to tell me how greatly you value the lessons and asked how you can make a contribution to my teaching endeavors.

So, I came up with a solution.  Well 2, actually:  Paypal donations and Patreon.

Want to make a one-time donation?




It’s simple! Just click this PayPal link, choose the amount you wish to donate, and boom!  You’ve sent me a kind expression of your gratitude.

Want to become a monthly sponsor? 




To become a monthly sponsor, you can visit my Patreon page and find a monthly level of sponsorship that makes you happy.  It can be any amount. But, there are set donation levels starting at as little as $1 per month.  And there’s no obligation, you can cancel your sponsorship at any time.

Patreon has some added benefits as well!

Depending on your sponsorship level, Patrons receive 50% discounts on new release ebooks and gain early access to new units are they are created instead of waiting for the public release.  And $10 Patrons are entered into the monthly draw to receive a personalized live video-conference check-up!

Also, I send out tips and tricks and other helpful messages from time to time to keep you motivated and thinking about practice.

So, if a more engaging donation method interests you then Patreon is the way to go!
Become a Patron!

Thank you!


I also really appreciate it when you send me emails telling me about your piano learning experiences. It means a lot to me to connect with my virtual students.

Without your messages, it would feel very impersonal to me, like I was just sending piano lessons out into the world to no one in particular. But, your messages let me gain a perspective on you and help me tailor my teaching to they types of real people who are using them.

So, pop me a message if you’d like to share your musical journey with me!  You can email me at pianovideolessons (at) Gmail (dot) com.  Just type it yourself the normal way.  The (at) and (dot) stops internet robots from getting my email!

~Lisa [/two_third]