Pre-staff Beginner Piano Lessons [Intro/Primer]

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This 22 page ebook accompanies the 12 Lessons for the Pre-Beginner Unit for Pre-staff learning for brand new beginners.

This unit teaches the basics of music, and gets you ready for reading notes on the staff. It teaches piano key names, basic rhythm and playing on black and white keys. There is also a brief introduction to chords and scales.

Course Homepage:

The Unit which comes after this one is UNIT 1 – Year 1 Complete Piano Lessons where you’ll learn to play piano while reading music.
Or, if you’d like to focus on just reading music try the Note Reading Crash Course
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Piano Key Names
Finger Numbers
Hot Crossed Buns on Black Keys
Playing on White Keys
Mary Had a Little Lamb – on Black Keys
Mary Had a Little Lamb – Key of C and G
Pentascale – Key of C
Pentascales – Key of G and F
Basic Rhythm
Let’s Improvise!
Intro to Scales
Intro to Chords
Next Course – Year 1 [Unit 1] Reading on the Staff