Class 1B – Chords and Classics

This class follows the curriculum from Unit 5 (Piano Chording 1) and 6 (Beginning Piano Classics)

    • January 5, 2020 – May 2020   
    • $329 including e-books, or $299 if you already have the e-books for units 5 and 6.
    • Live Classes are on 2 Sundays  per month 13-13:45pm EST. – click the link to check your local time.
    • PREREQUISITE:  You must have completed Year 1  – Unit 4.  You can have completed this on your own, or as part of an online class with Lisa.
    • Enrollment begins  December  2019
      Email me when registration begins!

What can I expect? 

  • The class will kick off with a live interactive class and you’ll receive everything you need to get you started practicing.
  • Every second week, you’ll get a new ‘learning block’ which includes a Live Class with Lisa and a new practice outline.
  • Between the classes, check in with our private Facebook Group- every day, a couple of times a week – whatever works for you.
    • We’ll be having lots of fun and keeping each other accountable.
    • Ask questions about any material covered so far in the class.
    • Also, you can post short videos demonstrating your triumphs or struggles.
    • Help each other out, cheer each other on!  You’ll get a real sense of camaraderie in the Group.
  • Twice a month, Lisa will host a LIVE class where she will tutor and troubleshoot exactly what you need help with.
    • If you use the  Facebook Group effectively, Lisa will get to know your specific progress and troubles and the live lessons will be much more personalized for you.
  • Students will be given the opportunity to join the live lesson using their webcam, at the teacher’s discretion.  This is a great time to receive direct instruction, which can benefit all students! (Most people will experience similar challenges.)
  • PianoVideoLessons curriculum PLUS!  We’ll be following the PianoVideoLessons pre-recorded curriculum, PLUS you’ll also receive LOTS of extras: more song, bonus drills, worksheets and more.
  • Motivation – sometimes we all need accountability.  This class will give you the nudge you need to make piano practice part of your regular routine.  They are engaging and personal.  You’ll love being part of a vibrant learning community!
  • Don’t worry if you get behind, you’ll have full access to the online class sessions for a year!