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Welcome to, I’m Lisa, your online piano teacher. I specialize in helping adult beginner piano students realize their dream of learning to play piano, through self-paced courses, live classes, and weekly private piano lessons.

Lisa- Online piano teacher at

Hi!  I’m Lisa,

I’m the online piano teacher here at

Over the years, I have heard so many adults say that they wished they had taken piano lessons, or that they had never quit.

Many adults don’t have an opportunity to learn piano with an in-person teacher.  They, and you, are turning to the internet for help.  Sometimes that ‘help’ isn’t very organized, or is very expensive.  It’s my mission to change that! So, I created Year 1 – a complete beginner piano course for adults!

I have been teaching students of all ages and levels to play piano since graduating from University (decades ago!) I teach both in person and from a distance with Zoom. I love being an online piano teacher and helping people to accomplish their goal of learning to play piano!

Welcome to my website,

where you can tailor your online piano learning

to perfectly match your needs!

I began teaching piano after graduating from university and have had a busy studio that’s in demand! I would never have dreamed back then that I would have become an online piano teacher! But I did!

In order to reach more people, in 2014, I began a YouTube channel also called pianovideolessons, designed to teach people how to play piano from home.

Throughout the years I’ve developed a complete beginner piano course, that’s available for free on YouTube, and here at

Students also enjoy my live online classes! On rare occasions I have an opening in my private weekly teaching roster.

Whether you’re looking for a course, a class, a community, or a one on one teacher – you’ll find it here at! I hope that you’ll join us here and that I’ll become your online piano teacher!