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It’s time to learn piano! You’re never too old, or too young. Future-you will be glad you started today!

and learn piano on your own. is perfect for piano students who want to work in a self-paced way. Lisa spent months and years designing and testing the curriculum. You don’t have to search the internet trying to find the best online piano course for beginners, it’s right here!

Lisa is an experienced teacher who has been helping students learn piano both in person and online for many years. She understands the importance of a good curriculum that gradually builds knowledge.

Recognizing that many people are now learning on their own through YouTube videos, she created a curriculum designed for self-study.

It’s practical, not too expensive, and even available for free. This program is great for beginners or those starting again!

With feedback from students, this curriculum has grown to perfectly meet the needs of adult beginner piano students. And it continues to grow!

Lisa is proud of this program and very proud of the students who have been using it to become proficient musicians!

PianoVideoLessons offers a progressive progressive course that takes the guess-work out of self-study.

Simply complete one lesson and move to the next lesson!

FREE detailed video lessons created by a professional teacher.

The video lessons are all free to watch here, or on YouTube.

The printed materials are available for purchase. Buy them when you’re ready to learn.

There is an option to join a monthly mentorship group, but it’s optional!

Lisa offers one on one private remote lessons, beginner classes and a Virtural Piano Studio group. Lots of options for those who want some care and attention from their teacher. Find out more here: Get Support from Lisa

Start at lesson 1 or lesson 21 !

Browse the video lessons and find the spot that matches your skill. Complete Course Outline:

The price of the website and video lessons is $0.

The ebooks for the entire 96-lesson Year One program cost less than the price of one month of private lessons!

Complete free video course, e-books and sheets, available for purchase, classes, coaching and private lessons avaialble, too!

I’ve spent years teaching piano to students of all ages. This time has helped me refine a process tailor-made for adult students who want to learn piano quickly and painlessly.

It’s your time to learn how to play piano!

I’ve never played piano, what can I expect?

In this video, see Peter’s results after 9 months of practice following the Piano Video Lessons – Year 1 curriculum.

Thanks Lisa,

I have no background in music. I always wanted to play at least one musical instrument, so when the pandemic hit (Feb this year), I decided to do something about it.

I actually started with a few lessons from a different YouTube channel – but was not getting anything., It appeared to me that I was just getting information – I am an engineer, so my mind is more receptive to concepts – I gave up on that channel.

While watching those videos, your channel popped up! I followed all of your lessons on YouTube – Now I am up to Unit 7. Your lessons are very comprehensive, methodical and become conceptual as one progresses along – I think I had a moment when you discussed reading sheet music as ‘larger stories’ instead of individual notes.

I made sure to follow the lessons as closely as possible and practise almost every day, even if a ‘practice’ involved rehashing some chord progressions. I also had to re-take some lessons. Your channel is definitely one of the best to learn from – and learning piano has been life altering for me.

Your lessons are so good, I was surprised they were available on Youtube for free. I cannot stay for more than a day without playing something on the piano.

Thank you! Peter

Tell me more!

Not at all!

Learning piano as an adult comes with A LOT of benefits.

Since creating Piano Video Lessons, I have taught hundreds of adults how to play piano easily. And I have seen its benefits through their eyes.

Here are just a few of them:

  • You learn piano on your own terms. You’re in charge – as an adult, you set the terms and you decide how much time and money you want to invest into learning piano.
  • Learning how to play piano in your adult years reduces stress. It’s been proven by multiple studies. Even a few minutes of piano playing per day can improve your overall life quality greatly.
  • It’s super affordable! Back when you were a kid, all piano lessons had to be taught in-person. But now, you can learn how to play piano online for free or for a very small fee.
  • When you learn how to play piano, you boost your memory and your neuroplasticity. This has been shown to be a great aid in preventing or delaying the onset of neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.
  • You can improve your joint health! As we age, our joints need a lot more attention. Playing piano often helps train those joints. My piano lessons will teach you the correct hand position that will not only help you learn piano faster, but also boost joint health.


Here’s a a story of one student , Peter. We exchanged a chain of emails that started as a question about more lessons and evolved into him sending me a video of him playing his most recent piece (from Unit 6.)

Peter had zero music training before beginning Lesson 1, and by Lesson 96 was a very accomplished piano player!

Yes! I offer 3 different ways you can learn piano with me:

  1. Private Zoom Lessons
  2. Online Group Classes
  3. Virtual Piano Studio

Get all the details here: Classes and Groups

Learning piano with Lisa at is fun! The lessons are designed to help you learn efficiently without stressing you out.

About Lisa

Lisa Pianista from Pianovideolessons YouTube channel - free online piano lessons - complete beginner course

Hi!  I’m Lisa,

Over the years, I have heard so many adults say that they wished they had taken piano lessons, or that they had never quit.

Many adults don’t have an opportunity to learn piano with an in-person teacher.  They, and you, are turning to the internet for help.  Sometimes that ‘help’ isn’t very organized, or is very expensive.  It’s my mission to change that! So, I created Year 1 – a complete beginner piano course for adults!

I have been teaching students of all ages and levels to play piano since graduating from University (decades ago!) I teach both in person and from a distance with Zoom. I love helping people to accomplish their goals in learning piano!

Welcome to my website,

where you can tailor your piano learning

to perfectly match your needs!