1-1: The Grand Staff


This is the first lesson in the Year 1- Comprehensive Beginner Piano Lessons series. This course is designed for adults (or mature adolescents) who wish to self-study piano from the very beginning. Find out more about this course here.


There is an expectation that you know your finger numbers and piano key names. These concepts were covered in the Very First Piano Lessons Beginner Series. If you don’t that’s OK! You can find those two free lessons here and catch up!

  1. Beginner Lesson 1: Piano Key Names
  2. Beginner Lesson 2: Piano Finger Numbers

Let’s Go!

In this first Mini-Lesson: Year 1, Unit 1, Lesson 1-1, (that’s a lot of 1’s!)  you will learn about:

>Treble Clef
>Bass Clef
>High Notes
>Low Notes
>Line Notes
>Space Notes

This lesson is nice and easy! And the lesson instructions are simple:

  1. Print out the lesson materials (below)
  2. Watch the video (above) and follow along!  Get a pencil and take notes!
  3. Complete the lesson worksheet.
  4. Come back tomorrow for lesson 2 where we’ll learn our first piece



This isn’t Netflix! So, let’s not binge-watch!

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