Finger Numbers

There are 7 unique notes on the piano (plus the black keys.) These notes repeat in a pattern the entire length of the piano keyboard. In this lesson I’ll teach them to you. And once you’ve completed lessons 1 and 2, you’re ready to try a couple of simple familiar tunes, scroll to link to them!

1.Watch this video:

2. Print the practice exercise

3  Mark the lesson complete (button at bottom left.)

4. Scroll down for links to songs you can play with just finger numbers and piano key names.

After Lesson 2 you can:

  • …continue on to lesson 3 and continue with the Pre-Beginner lessons, where we’ll be learning to play without reading notes on the staff.  -Or-
  • You can jump ahead to Year 1 Comprehensive Beginner Lessons and start learning to play while reading notes on the staff.  Once you know your finger number and piano key names you’re ready for this!

Print the finger practice sheet from the end of the video here:

Lesson 2 – Part 2 – Finger Number Practice  (printables from lessons 1 and 2 are available for free download, lessons 3-12 are included in the full e-book found below.)

The video instruction on this website is all free, and you can purchase the Ebook PDF here, less than $1 per lesson:
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Once you’re finished lessons 1 and 2, you’re ready to try VERY FIRST CHRISTMAS SONGS: