15: Ear Training – Up and Down

Release Date: March 30, 2016:

Unit 1 lasts  4 weeks and contains 16 lessons.

In this lesson (1-15) you will learn:

  • To hear and identify the direction of notes played by using your ear.

Unit 1 Lesson Materials, 28pp
(Includes: Lessons 1-16)
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Additional Daily Practice:

  • Practice So Easily 1-7
  • Practice Hot Crossed Buns 1-7
  • Practice: F and Friends 1-11
  • Practice: I Got This! 1-11
  • Practice: At the Park
  • Play  Finger Gym #2 and  Finger Gym #3
  • Do Finger Strength exercises:  Knuckle Presses, Making O’s and Table Grabs
  • Review Note Letter Names: Practice sheets 1-6, 1-9  and Flash Cards
  • Review Rhythm terms: Whole note, half note, quarter note and their time values
  • Read your lesson notes

Practice Suggestions for all pieces:

  1. Clap the rhythm and count out loud!
    1. Check the time signature
    2. Write in the counting
    3. Count Out Loud while you clap the rhythm
  2. Name the notes
    1. Before you play the first time name every note, if it’s a new piece circle any note that gives you pause.
    2. Review circled notes on the following days.
  3. Find your hand placement carefully and think about relaxed curved fingers that press into the keys.
  4. Scan the music and identify the note direction (or the up/downs.)
  5. Play
    1. Play while naming notes
    2. Play while saying note direction
    3. Play while saying finger numbers
    4. Play while counting out loud.  Do NOT skip this step!!  Any insecurities will show up when you are counting as you play.   Do this step until you can play without stopping at a tempo that is pleasing.

Lesson Tracking:

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Unit 1 Lesson Materials, 28pp
(Includes: Lessons 1-16)
Less than $1 per lesson!
Buy now
Videos are all free!

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