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How to Learn Piano By Yourself

So, you’re wondering how to learn piano by yourself….

Can it be done?   Yes!  With the right piano teacher and the right materials, the puzzle of how to learn piano by yourself is solved!  You can learn piano by yourself and make daily progress that you are proud of.


There are a ton of resources on the internet that can guide you in your quest for learning. But sometimes finding the right fit is a challenge.

One of the great things about PianoVideoLessons is that the video instruction is all free.  So, this means that you don’t have to buy before you try.


Free online piano lessons?

That’s right all of the video lessons here are free! So, you can watch every single one of the piano tutorial videos here at without paying even one cent.  …currently there are over 100 free video lessons available!

Give them a try.  Scrub through the lesson videos until you find one that matches your level exactly!  Then once you’ve found your sweet spot you can jump in with both feet and follow the lessons in order.


If you’re a brand new beginner and you’ve never played piano before, the best place to start is:

Year 1 Comprehensive Beginner Piano Lessons UNIT 1

Year 1 introduces a new beginner to the mechanics and theory behind learning to play piano one small step at a time.  Allowing you to fully grasp the new musical concepts while also allowing your hands to build coordination and dexterity in reasonable doses.  If you have never played piano before, and you want to learn to play piano by yourself, this is a great place to start.

If you’re already able to read music and want to learn Piano Chording, you can start with:

Year 1 Comprehensive Piano Lessons UNIT 5 : Piano Chording Level 1  

In this 16-lesson chord piano unit, we will learn:
  • all of the major and minor triads as well as
  • the basics of reading a lead sheet and
  • creating your own chord arrangements while you play.  We’ll even learn some
  • cool chord progressions to improvise over, and
  • how to play karaoke style piano using a chord sheet.

Too cool!

Are you getting serious about learning piano and want to excel with piano practice tips and extra motivation?

Consider becoming a VIP piano student via Patreon.

The most important thing you can do is get yourself to the piano and actually practice.  You can’t learn by simply watching.

learn to play piano by yourself with practice games

My weekly piano practice tips and motivations will keep you returning to the bench to get the progress you really want!  And you’ll be able to ask me questions and get a quick reply.  Plus, a lucky winner will be drawn each month for the opportunity to send me a practice video that I will evaluate so you can have personalized help and learn even faster!

(If you want to send me a video every month for evaluation, consider becoming a DISTANCE LEARNER via Patreon.)


So, the answer to the question:

Can you learn to play piano by yourself?

…is a resounding YES!  You can do it!  And there’s no time like the present!  Let’s do it together!  …by yourself  …with my help!  Let’s do it!




Where Should I Start?

Online Beginner Piano Lessons for Adults – What to learn first | Placement

Here’s a handy chart to show you the content of every lesson  YEAR 1 Comprehensive Beginner Piano Lessons.

ALL the VIDEO piano lessons are FREE, so give them a try and find your level!

(If you just want to learn to read notes, or improve your note reading.  Check out The Note Reading Crash Course, or the Note Speller for Piano.)
Unit 1:
Year 1 - Unit 1 Beginner Piano Lessons
1-1 The Staff
1-2 Treble Clef Landmarks
1-3 Rhythm Lesson 1
1-4 Finger Gym #1
1-5 Bass Clef Landmarks
1-6 Treble G Neighbors F and A
1-7 Two Practice Pieces
1-8 Finger Gym #2
1-9 Bass F Neighbors E and G
1-10 Sight Reading
1-11 Two Practice Pieces
1-12 Finger Gym #3
1-13 Time and Measures
1-14 Practice Piece
1-15 Ear Training Up/Down
1-16 Finger Gym #4
Unit 1 EBook:
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Go to Unit 1 Course and Videos.

Unit 2:
2-1 Treble Clef D and E
2-2 Playing loud and soft
2-3 Sight Reading/Rhythm Echo
2-4 Finger Gym #5 HT!
2-5 Bass Clef A and B
2-6 Moving by Skips
2-7 Hands Together
2-8 Contrary Motion
2-9 Landmarks: Mirror C's
2-10 C's in Space
2-11 Ode to Joy
2-12 C Major Pentascale
2-13 Bass Clef D and Treble B
2-14 Windchimes
2-15 Ear Training - which melody?
2-16 Finger Gym
Unit 2 EBook:
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Go to Unit 2 Course and Videos.
Unit 3:
3-1Dotted Half Note
3-2 Intervallic Thinking
3-3 Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
3-4 Hanon
3-5 Fourths
3-6 Melody Patterns
3-7 Mezzo forte
3-8 Hanon
3-9 Fifths
3-10 Sharps
3-11 Staccato
3-12 Hanon
3-13 Sight Reading
3-14 Slurs/Legato
3-15 8va
3-16 Hanon
Unit 3 EBook:
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Go to Unit 3 Course and Videos.

Unit 4:
4-1 Eighth notes
4-2 Grand Staff Notes
4-3 Primary Chords in C Major
4-4 D Major
4-5 Mezzoforte
4-6 Transposing I
4-7 Interval Review
4-8 Transposing II
4-9 Amazing Grace
4-10 Chord Inversions
4-11 Happy Birthday
4-12 Chord Drill
4-13 Andantino by Kohler
4-14 Melody Writing
4-15 Building Major Scales
4-16 Playing Major Scales
Unit 4 EBook:
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Go to Unit 4 Course and Videos.

Unit 5:
5-1 All the Major Chords
5-2 Lead Sheets: Alphabet Song
5-3 All the Minor Chords
5-4 Major/Minor - Blow Man Down
5-5 Diatonic Chords in C
5-6 Danny Boy
5-7 Oom Pa Pa - Morning Broken
5-8 [1-5-8 Pattern] Skye Boat Song
5-9 Minor:All the Pretty Horses
5-10 Chord Progressions
5-11 Pachelbel Canon in D
5-12 Arpeggios
5-13 Inversions - Early 1 Morning
5-14 Music Box Pattern
5-15 Intros - Happy Birthday
5-16 Chord Strumming - Hallelujah
Unit 5 EBook:
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Go to Unit 5 Course and Videos.

Unit 6

No tripod, no problem! Set up your device with rubber bands and a floor lamp.


Skype or video lessons are a great way to get feedback from a remote piano teacher.  In this age of digital technology, what could be better than having your teacher watch you play and then providing specific feedback for you personally!?

Here is a simple set up for a video conference or a skype piano lesson: if you don’t have a tripod, don’t worry!

Watch this video to find the easiest way to set up.  All you need is a rubber band, and a vertical post like a lamp!


Basically, I took 3 elastic bands, hey – I’m from Canada, that’s what we call rubber bands… and I put them over one end of the ipad mini and then placed it next to the post.

Then I grabbed the back side of the elastic, rubber band, whatever! — and, going behind the post, I wrapped it on the other side of the screen to grab the ipad thus holding it in place!

Tadaa!!  Instant Tripod/ tablet stand!

I think you would need a big strong rubber band for a full size tablet or ipad, but I bet it would work just as well, as long as you trusted the rubber not to break.  That’s why I use more than one, for insurance.



The Next Course is Starting!

Year 1 – Comprehensive Beginner Piano Lessons

If I’m being honest, and I always am!, this course has been the hardest one for me to design.

When I’m working one-on-one with a student in my studio it’s easy to modify the lesson as we go. Making sure that everything is clear, and addressing any trouble spots that present themselves for individual students.  So, in this lesson series, I’m doing the best I can to make the information bites very small and manageable. 

Year 1 will be divided into 12 units, one per month.

And each month will have 16 mini-lessons.  Each mini lesson will address a specific topic or skill.

Your job as a student is to make sure you fully comprehend each lesson and practice the pieces and drills on your own.  Without this vital link, there will not be success.  It is up to You to make this course successful!

So, if you’re ready to start learning to play piano from the very beginning, playing on the staff, here’s your chance!  Check out Unit 1 of Year 1 Beginner Piano Lessons.

You will also need to know your finger numbers and piano key names before you start.  These can be learned in my Pre-Beginner Piano Series, in lessons 1 and 2.


Adding a Few More Things

Hey there!

With my in-studio recital finally done, (It was fabulous, thanks for asking!  All of my students were awesome!) I have a little time to work on this website.

Today I added some structure to the Chords section of the website, making it easier to find the videos I have previously created about chords.  I see that there is room to expand this series, and will add it to my “to do list.”

I have also added a new Christmas Carol for beginner piano, We Three Kings.  This one is on the grand staff and uses standard music notation.  It’s nice and easy with the notes divided between the hands.

Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to add one or two more before Christmas arrives.  Believe it or not, it takes me a whole day’s work to get the lesson up and functional.

I always love to hear from you, so drop a comment in the comment box and tell me what’s up!





Day 1

Hi there!

I’m glad you found me.  I’m working on a site redesign (yes, I know…. again!)  I had made a small step into the 21st century last year when I created the blue version of this website.  (If you’ve been around for a while, you might even remember the red version.)

And now, with the white version, I think I’ve finally nailed it.

So far, the Note Reading Crash Course has been added and is fully functional.  In the coming days I will be adding The Note Speller for Piano and Pre-Beginner Piano Lessons (to introduce musical concepts without reading music.)

These 3 courses are free, and also come with e-books which are available for purchase if you would like to use them along with your learning.

Let me know if you spot anything strange or if you have any general remarks.

Thanks for visiting!