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If you want to  learn how to play the piano,through FREE video lessons, you’ve come to the right place!

Cover Beginner Lessons Course
...learn more about the Free Beginner Piano Lessons series.

If you've never touched a piano before: FREE Pre-Beginner Piano Lessons videos are for you!

Beginner Piano Lessons are intended for someone who has never played piano before, and wants to get familiar with piano playing without worrying about reading music. You will learn your finger numbers, the piano keys names and some basics of playing. It will get you ready for Year 1!
Year 1 Unit 1 Ebook cover
...learn more about the free course: Year 1 - Complete Piano Lessons

Next comes Year 1:  a Complete Beginner Course in Piano.  

Piano Lessons Year 1
will teach you to play piano while gradually learning to read music. The focus is on developing you as a complete musician, so this course includes playing pieces , music theory, technique building, ear development, and more!
PVL---Ebook---Note-Reading-Crash-Course (1)
...learn more about the Free Note Reading Crash Course.

If you only want to learn to read music on the staff through a gradually paced lesson series that won't overwhelm you, check out:  The FREE Note Reading Crash Course video series .
The Note Reading Crash Course is for people who want to focus on quickly learning to read notes on the grand staff. There is less focus on playing and more focus on reading.
PVL - Ebook Note Speller cover
...learn more about the Free Note Speller Video Course for Piano .

If you want to improve your note reading, The FREE Note Speller Video Piano Course will speed you up in no time!
The Note Speller for Piano is designed to give you more practice reading notes on the grand staff. If you have learned to read music before but want to brush up on your skills and get better, this free course can help!

**All of the video instruction in every course is completely FREE.  You can register and track your lesson progress and take the benefit from all of the teaching in the videos. Every single video on this website is available to everyone for FREE.

**Should you wish to use the accompanying lesson PDFs, they are available for purchase at a small cost, a very small fraction of the cost of taking piano lessons.


I have been teaching piano lessons in person in my Private Studio to students of all ages and levels for over a decade.  Over the years I have heard so many adults lament that they wished they had taken lessons, or never quit.

Learning a new skill as an adult is a large undertaking.  So, many adults just don’t have the interest or opportunity to commit to a regular piano lesson with an in-person teacher.  They, and you, are turning to the internet for help.

The trouble with the internet is that it can be a very disorganized place with lots of misinformation.  And while it’s impossible to replicate the tremendous value of a live teacher, I’m doing the best I can to present information and instruction in bite sized, organized lessons.  Come on in!  Let’s get started….

How to use this site...

Simply select the course you would like, click “Take this Course” and get started!   Each course has a lesson index in the right side bar, and a progress chart below the course description.

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1. Grand Staff Note Reference Sheet
2. Rhythm Chart
3. Three Tenets of Success

Happy Piano Playing!